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QuickHits: Sort MySQL columns as you see fit

Let’s say you wanted to sort the columns of a MySQL table.  Your reasons are your own and I’m not here to judge. Well, if you were so inclined, the following won’t work: describe users order by field …and this … Continue reading

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QuickHits: The great browser data storage debate

My new hiccup with “Comment On The Movies: A Backbone.js tutorial”, has been deciding how to store our comments.  At first I was simply going to use localStorage.  It’s supported by multiple modern browsers (albeit inconsistently) & gets the job done.  The … Continue reading

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Quick Hits: Where’s my Backbone.js Tutorial?

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Rails Conf 2012 – Images

This gallery contains 12 photos.

I got to talk & take pictures with some of my Ruby/Rails heroes while at RailsConf.  If you click on a picture, you can hop to a detail page with an option to download the full rez image.

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Rails Conf 2012 – Thoughts

This year was my first RailsConf. For those that don’t know, RailsConf is “THE” Rails conference that brings people in from around the world. It features keynotes & focused talks by the brightest stars in the Rails universe. It’s story … Continue reading

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Yet Another Backbone.js Tutorial – Part 2 – Pre-Reqs & The Spec

Please checkout Part 1 where I explain the philosophy behind Backbone.js It’s time to build our Backbone.js app, “Comment on the Movies”.  This tutorial will, ideally, give you something interesting to build.  Take a look at the finished app (so far) on … Continue reading

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Node Knockout 2011 Post Mortem

Node Knockout 2011 took place this past weekend.  I signed up with the hope of being a “One Man Army” & winning the solo contestant award.  I figured that NodeJs was so easy to use and so powerful (seriously, it’s freaking awesome) that … Continue reading

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Quick Hits: Gotchas while Deploying a Sinatra App to Heroku

I figured it’d nice to deploy the tutorial Backbone.js app to Heroku.  The tutorial app that we’re building, “Comment on the movies”, has a simple Sinatra backend & Heroku welcomes Rails & Rack-based apps.  Here are the 2 gotchas that I … Continue reading

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Yet Another Backbone.js Tutorial – Part 1 – Backbone.js Philosophy

At my new job I’m getting pretty friendly with Backbone.js. This 2-part post will teach you some backbone basics & show you how to create your own backbone.js app with multiple routes. Continue reading

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Quick Hits: UIActionSheet cancel button strange behaviour

I just got bit by this and fixed it thanks to this StackOverflow post. Long story short, if your launch an action sheet in a view that lives in a UITabBarController, the “hit” box for the cancel button gets … Continue reading

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