Quick Hits: Where’s my Backbone.js Tutorial?

An entire freaking year!? Ugh!

You may be asking this question if you’ve started down this road (part1 & part2) with me a *year ago.  Since the tutorial started, Backbone.js has changed and matured:

  • The “Controller” is now called the “Router”.
  • HTML5 PushState
  • New Backbone.sync params
  • The handy View.$el
  • View.setElement() to explicitly set View.el
  • Multiple **random version number updates (0.3s => 0.5s => 0.9s)

…including a bunch of features, improvements, & plugins to extend structure/framework.

I’ve also learned a lot over this past year:

  • I’ve figured out better design patterns to use when creating Backbone apps.
  • Tutorials stand at a specific point in time.  When things change, I can write new revised tutorials RailsCast style.
  • I don’t have to cover every single part of Backbone.js in order to have a good tutorial.

With all of that said, the get ready for some action.  I’m…

  1. upgrading the tutorial app to 0.9.2
  2. revamping the tutorial app with the new design patterns that I’ve figured out
  3. writing the post explaining the new implementation & only worrying about the important details concerning the implementation.

So for those of you who have stuck around this long, I say “Sorry for the lag & the goods are coming”

Happy Coding

* Giant Double Facepalm on how long this tutorial’s gone on.  I just realized that it’s been a year.

** I had a chance to ask Jeremy Ashkenas (@jashkenas; creator of Backbone.js and more) about this when he came to NYCBackbone’s first meetup.  He said that weren’t following any version numbering patterns for anything under 1.0

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  1. @thisiswei says:

    Where is my Backbone tutorails ? I’m standing in front of you website ,waiting till it come up

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